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Dental Plans Terms and Conditions

  • The monthly membership fee covers only the treatments listed as part of the payment plan to which the patient is registered.
  • Patients are entitled to the benefits of their chosen plan from the date the first direct debit is extracted from the payer’s bank account.
  • Additionally, the patient’s UK and Worldwide Supplementary Insurance cover will come into effect from the date as above.
  • In the event that a member ceases their membership contribution within the first 12 months, Middlewich Street Dental reserve the right to reclaim the difference in financial value of any benefits received by the member.
  • Following the initial 12 month membership period, 3 months’ notice is required to terminate membership by the patient.
  • Middlewich Street Dental reserve the right to give 1 months’ notice to Plan members of any proposed changes to the monthly cost of membership of the Plan.

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