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Dental Plans Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • The monthly membership fee covers only the treatments listed as part of the payment plan to which the patient is registered.
  • Patients are entitled to the benefits of their chosen plan from the date the first direct debit is extracted from the payer’s bank account.
  • Patients joining one of our Plans after 15th October 2022 have to wait 3 months from the start date of their Plan to book an inclusive dental examination or hygienist appointment. Routine examination and hygienist appointments booked within this time will be payable but the 20% discount offered to members of our plans will apply.
  • Additionally, the patient’s UK and Worldwide discretionary scheme will come into effect from the date as above.
  • In the event that a member ceases their membership contribution within the first 12 months, Middlewich Street Dental reserve the right to reclaim the difference in financial value of any benefits received by the member.
  • Following the initial 12 month membership period, 3 months’ notice is required to terminate membership by the patient.
  • Middlewich Street Dental reserve the right to give 1 months’ notice to Plan members of any proposed changes to the monthly cost of membership of the Plan.


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